alpharetta ga cupcakes

If you are craving for deliciously
fresh baked cupcakes, you should definitely try what Smallcakes has
to offer. Smallcakes has been baking and frosting 18 signature
flavors every morning using the finest ingredients for about six
years now. 
We stand firmly behind our slogan “Maybe a Cupcake
Will Help?” and strive their best to provide creative flavors
and great customer experience every time.

Smallcakes, one of America’s favorite
neighborhood cupcakeries, was founded by CEO
Jeff Martin in July 2009 in Overland Park, Kansas. Back during those
days, most people did not believe that his business idea would work,
let alone bring him the kind of success he now enjoys.
However, Jeff proved them all wrong. A
few months after opening his first store, he was able to open a
second store, and then a third one shortly afterward. His biggest
break came after his first stint in the television show Cupcake Wars.
He became a superstar baker overnight when he confessed that he forgot to put in the pumpkin in his cardamom butter cream cupcake!
People from all over the Metro started
flocking to his cupcakery to find out what happened and to get a
taste of one of the best cupcakes the judges have ever tasted. Jeff
also received offers to bring the Smallcakes franchise worldwide. And
the rest is history.
At present, Smallcakes has franchises
in 17 states and have cupcakeries all over the world selling
thousands of cupcakes each and every week. You’re welcome to visit our Alpharetta, GA cupcake shop, and check out our signature flavors.

So, maybe a cupcake will help?

Photo Credit: The Augusta Chronicle